April 20, 2023

What’s a Rich Text element?

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How to customize formatting for each rich text

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Celebrating OSOM's new racing livery with a Saga giveaway

OSOM is proud to reveal the livery for our 2023 Lamborghini Super Trofeo EVO2, which OSOM CEO Jason Keats and UK trans rights activist Charlie Martin will be racing in for the upcoming season. Featuring a Canadian maple leaf motif and the Progress Pride Flag, the new purple livery highlights values that we hold deeply, designed by Black Fish Graphics. 

To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away a Solana Saga adorned with the GoCharlie logo. The recently released, OSOM-designed Saga delivers a premium flagship experience in a beautiful and ultra-durable design, together with web3-ready features like Seed Vault and integration with Solana’s dApp Store. 

A $1,000 value, the giveaway is limited to US, Canadian, and EU shipping addresses, and entries will be open until May 8th at midnight PT, with a drawing to follow. 

Our team is excited for the new livery, and our CEO says it best:

"Super excited to unveil the new Canadian-inspired livery for our 2023 entry into Lamborghini Super Trofeo — special thanks to Nils @blackfishgraphics for the design. This is truly iconic. Charlie and I are incredibly excited to race on some legendary European tracks this year as part of team @brutal_fish_racing_team, and hope you follow along.

What does all this have to do with privacy? Simple: Privacy is about empowering the individual to choose what they want to share. And today I'm happy to share with you our entry for the 2023 season with everyone." - Jason Keats, OSOM CEO

The 2023 livery from the front.

Keats won’t be the only driver behind the wheel though, and OSOM driver Charlie Martin also loves the new design and the statement it is intended to make:

“We wanted to do a new design this year, and, working with OSOM, we had the flexibility to do what we wanted. Last year’s car was the Canadian flag. This year the maple leaf is a key part of the pattern — keeping the Canadian theme but with a new purple and black look. And it incorporates the Progress Pride Flag, which is very important to us.” - Charlie Martin

The back and side of the 2023 livery.

More details, including entry methods and precise terms and conditions, are available on the giveaway landing page. The whole team at OSOM wishes good luck to our Super Trofeo team in the 2023 season!