Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Solana Partnership

Is the phone still focused on privacy?
Privacy will always be an integral part of the OSOM story, and the partnership with Solana doesn’t change that. The parallels between crypto and privacy have always been fairly substantial.

Will the phone be branded Solana?
Yes. It will be named the Solana Saga.

Will I be able to buy SOL from the phone?
Yes, using a variety of partners shipping on the Saga.

How do you intend to sell the Saga?
The phone can be purchased at

What’s the benefit of the phone if I don’t use/understand blockchain technology or crypto?
The Saga is still an absolutely flagship Android device, combining the best hardware with cutting-edge software — nothing has been taken away, only added to.

When I buy the phone, will I buy it from Solana or from OSOM?
The phone can be purchased at


What’s in the product roadmap for the next phone? What about additional products?
Stay tuned!

Are all employment positions remote and, if so, will they remain that way?
All positions at OSOM are, and will remain for the foreseeable future, remote.