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Privacy Cable
Premium quality and privacy protection all in one. Switch into safety today.

Privacy on the go

The OSOM Privacy Cable helps protect your privacy while charging at the flip of a switch — literally. Turn the switch off and data is blocked. The built-in LED also flashes to let you know if data might be sent when it’s switched on.

Whether you're grabbing a quick charge on a ride share, topping up with a friend's laptop, or using an untrusted device for a little extra power, the Privacy Cable gives you added control over your data.
The built-in switch on our Privacy Cable disconnects the wires that carry data over USB Type-C
USB Power Delivery-based fast charging
60W USB PD (20V, 3A) charging rates

USB 2.0 data speeds (480 Mbps)

Protecting your privacy with the flick of a switch

The OSOM Privacy Cable's built-in switch physically disconnects the wires that carry data over USB Type-C — in essence, changing it between a charging-only cable and a data cable depending on which way you have it flipped. The red dot on the switch indicates when data is enabled, and an LED just above it can let you know if data may be being transmitted. When the LED is off, data is disabled.

The privacy switch doesn’t interfere with USB Power Delivery-based fast charging, and the cable is rated for up to USB 2.0 data speeds (480 Mbps) and 60W USB PD (20V, 3A) charging rates.

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Public safety agencies including the FBI have recently warned the public about juice jacking
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Travel-tough, durable design

Our Privacy Cable isn’t just easy to use; it also offers durability for frequent travel and daily life.

Anodized aluminum end caps fight dings and scrapes. Strain relief helps keep cable ends from fraying. A wear-resistant two-tone nylon yarn sleeve looks good while protecting the wires which carry power and data. Even the throw of the switch — itself a pleasant and tactile experience thanks to the precise engineering of the mechanism — ensures you don’t accidentally turn data on or off when plugging in.

Switch data off when you are traveling to maintain privacy and security.
Turn data back on when you need to copy files, photos, or other media.

Public ports meet private data

Public safety agencies including the FBI and FCC have warned consumers about so-called juice jacking, a hypothesized attack where "bad actors can load malware onto public USB charging stations to maliciously access electronic devices while they are being charged."

The OSOM Privacy Cable gives you added control over when or whether your USB data is transmitted.

Safeguard your data,
protect your business

Privacy comes in a bulk size too. Wholesale quantities of our Privacy Cable are also available to help protect your employees, and partners can license our patent-pending technology for their own products. Reach out to for sales inquiries and business development opportunities.

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